We started the Platenworm record shop on november the 27th of august 2000. We started in the city Groningen, also known as RockCity no 1, and later moved to Amsterdam. All the credit for the RockCity thing goes to the world famous Vera club. We started the shop in the first place because we love all kinds of music.

With our new store we immediately wanted to get our own garden, not only for our employees but also for our customers to come and relax in. So we called Hovenier Amsterdam and they delivered a perfect city garden.

Another important reason for running the Platenworm is that we still think vinyl is great and there are not to many recordstores left that share that feeling. The last and main reason for doing it is that we are missing a lot of great music in other local recordstores. So, we are trying to fill some gaps!

Our main focus is the real independent and underground scene. That goes from minimal, experimental and electronic music to punk, rock, pop, hardcore and so on. We also have a big reggae section because it’s one of Pieter’s passions. Further there are some sidetracks like hip hop, blues, soul, funk etc. And also some mainstream so called alternative stuff that we do to pay the rent. To make a long story short just check it out and let us know what you think or want…

Within our store we’ve had quite the issues lately, power outages, leaks, you name it. Luckily we were able to find some cheap companies in Amsterdam that could help us out quite quickly, as we did have to protect all of our records of course. So for that, thanks to Electricien Amsterdam and Klusbedrijf Amsterdam. But we can’t forget Tegelzetter Amsterdam and who helped us immediately.

Running an independant, vinyl record shop is not easy and certainly is not a money spinner. We work long days, for little money and pogften depend on the generous assistance of people and companies that like what we do. We would like to thank some of these people and companies. They are: Phillipe de Groot, Casper Lenders, Michael Bravure, our Boekhouder in Amsterdam and our friend Antoine, or legal aid, notaris and very relaxed land lord.

And thanks to our land lord for paying Stucadoor Amsterdam when our walls came down and we lacked the funds to get them rebuild. Without that, our store would look a lot messier.

See you in Amsterdam!